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Registration for the 2024 Spring Little League season is now open!

To review the descriptions of each age-group (division) - see below!

Otherwise, simply click the link below to register today! 


WYBA Spring Baseball Divisions

Ages 4-6 - $175

Tee ball begins in late April and ends mid June. Teams have 1 to 2 preseason practices before playing games. We find that these little ones learn best while playing games. Opening day is usually the first Sunday in May with tee ball playing games that week. The season should end by mid June. We schedule a 10-game season. One game is played during the week (M-Th) and one game is played on Saturday morning. This schedule runs 6 - 8 weeks. Weekday games start at 6pm and Saturday games are usually played before noon. Once the season starts most teams do not have weekly practices, but a few may choose to.  Practice days are up to the coach’s availability and field availability. While it may vary for each team in most cases, 1-2 games a week is enough baseball for this age group. Games focus more on teaching and are not competitive. Everything is aimed at developing basic baseball skills at this level. 

Tee Ball is geared towards making the baseball experience for the little ones interactive, educational, and fun! Below is a brief overview of our league:

  • 10-12 players per team. All players play in the field every inning and rotate positions every inning in every game.
  • All games are played at Fritz Werley Park, with at least one game played at the beautiful Majors field at Veterans Memorial Park subject to availability. This gives the little ones a chance to look forward to playing on the “big” field!
  • We introduce coach-pitch early in the season. , We have found it helps to  improve the accuracy of pitches as the kids learn – and as the season goes on, it helps facilitate a more rapid game pace, which will help hold the kids’ attention.


Tee ball is the foundation of our league. Everything starts at this level. If the kids and parents have an amazing tee ball experience, they are going to want to come back for Instructional, Minors, etc. Creating a top-notch tee ball program is key to the success and continued growth of WYBA!

Questions about Tee BallCLICK HERE to email us!


Updated for 2024 Season – Please Read
Ages 7-8 - $185

The Westmont Youth Baseball Association Instructional League is an intermediary step between Tee Ball and Little League baseball. The season starts late April and runs through the end of June. This level is for 7–8-year-old players.  The purpose of the Instructional League is to further develop the player’s fundamental skills in baseball and increase focus on pitching. The Instructional League, like Tee Ball, is a basic introduction to organized baseball, and it is meant as a learning & growing experience. Scores are kept, and while competitiveness is a part of it; skill development, good sportsmanship, and having fun while learning the basics of baseball are the driving force of our league.

There will be playoffs and a championship team crowned. All players receive a player medal.

  • All games are played at Ty 1, however, instructional will also have games played on the Majors field Veterans Memorial Park subject to field availability.
  • All game play will be 6 innings or 90-minute games, whichever comes first.

NEW FOR 2024

The Westmont Youth Baseball Association is introducing 2 levels of instructional.  Instructional Navy and Orange.      

Following is a brief overview of Instructional Navy league (traditional coach pitch/player pitching):

  • Game play will be 6 innings or 90-minute games, whichever comes first.
  • During coach-pitch, the batter gets a maximum 6 pitches if the ball is not put in play after the 6th ball pitched the batter in called “Out.”
  • It is recommended that all 6-year-olds and most 7 year olds play in Navy.  This level is a great introduction to the basics of real baseball for most kids coming right out of tee ball. 
  • Players that have had little to no exposure to kid pitch will get the opportunity to become more comfortable facing player pitch against their peers.


Following is a brief overview of Instructional Orange (player pitching) league:

  • Game play will be 6 innings or 90-minute games, whichever comes first.
  • All innings will be played as player pitch, unless a player draws a walk, then the at-bat will revert to coach pitch.
  • Innings are ump’d by both coaches.
  • This level is recommended for 7 and 8-year-olds that have played at least one year of traditional instructional (Navy or Coach/kid pitch).
  • An evaluation is required for any 7-year-old wishing to play up to Instructional Orange.

Questions about InstructionalCLICK HERE to email us!


Ages 9-10 - $235

Westmont Youth Baseball Association’s Minor League Baseball is for 9–10-year-olds getting their first exposure to baseball.  The season starts mid April and  ends before July 4. With player pitching, stolen bases, umpires and more - children will continue to grow their knowledge of the game in a fun, supportive environment.  Practices will focus on both skill development as well as an understanding of the game and strategies.  While games are developmental – for both the players and the umpires – official scores and records are kept for the duration of the season.  After the regular season, all kids will have the opportunity to compete in a post season tournament for the right to be named League Champions.  Players who have excelled during the season will also have the opportunity to compete against local towns in post-season All-Star events. 

Questions about MinorsCLICK HERE to email us!


Ages 11-12 - $235

This league is for players who are 11-12 years old. The season starts mid April and ends before July 4.  Our Westmont program is incredibly competitive with the teams from our surrounding villages.   The WYBA Majors level is made up of several Westmont players, and players from Clarendon Hills and Willowbrook as well.  This league will focus on players’ strengths and position them where needed in the ball field.  These junior high athletes will be working on their skills to carry them onto the next step in high school baseball.

Questions about MajorsCLICK HERE to email us!


Ages 13-14 - $325

Players in the 13U and 14U comprise the younger (Jr. League).  This age group plays on the Jr. Field (Former Jr. Babe Ruth) and competes on 80 ft. bases and a 54 ft. pitching mound. Season starts mid April and ends late June.

The league has the feel of a part-time local travel program as we have the benefit of playing against local programs of the same age players that our program has been playing for years such as Clarendon Hills, Naperville, Plainfield, and others.

Questions about JuniorsCLICK HERE to email us!


Ages 15 - 19

The WYBA will be hosting a Sr. League/ Summer Slam for Baseball in 2024. The schedule for the league is set up to allow High School players to play the full schedule to the conclusion of their season and end early enough for college players to participate in playoffs prior to returning to school in the later summer. The league will begin in early June, with playoffs ending late July.  More details to come...

Questions about SeniorsCLICK HERE to email us!